Texas A&M University-San Antonio values student development both inside and outside of the classroom.  The Office of 学生参与 focuses on the students' total educational experience, including activities, events, student organizations, university-sponsored groups (188bet公司介绍 Government Association, 校园活动板, Jaguar Ambassador Program), lectures, live performances, special events, and more.  Professional and student staff provides guidance and leadership training for students to assist them in achieving their academic and personal goals.  Our goal is to get all students involved and engaged on campus.  Learn more about what we offer by checking out our website, jagsync or by stopping by the office.



jagsync提供了有关学生组织,校园活动,休闲运动和更多信息。  188bet公司介绍 组织将有机会获得相关的学生社团,大学的形式和组名册的政策和程序。 jagsync内,学生团体可以完成的大学形式,储备空间,并请求批准在校园举办的任何事件。您可以通过jagwire或点击访问jagsync 这里.